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“Hope in Darkening Days”

Once upon a time, people believed that the veil between the living and the dead was at its thinnest at this time of the year. They found comfort and hope in holidays and festivals like Dia de los Muertos, Samhain, and All Saints Day.

We are blessed with memories of those we have loved, grateful for their lives. On Sunday, we will create our own ritual of remembering loved ones and of finding hope in in what we carry forward from their lives.

A Virtual Ritual

Imagine an outdoor service with a gorgeous table of pomegranates, herbs, squashes and fall blooms; people placing stones or flowers, representing loved ones, into a big “weeping bowl”; everyone returning home with a remembrance from the table. Alas, that vision is full of touching, drawing close and sharing. With Covid numbers up, we had best stay inside. Fingers and equipment will be happy, too. Thank you for understanding.

Please create your own space of remembrance for the service: a wide shallow bowl and a dozen small stones, fall blossoms if you have them. Fill the bowl with water right up to the top, and place it in a larger rimmed container to catch “the tears.” Leaves and gifts from the garden lovely, too. Enjoy the process!

If Zoom doesn’t work for you, please send me the names of people you would like remembered in the service and a few words about them (e.g. “My teacher Ellen, wise and irreverent”).

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