UUFES is a community gathering place.  All year long, we look for ways to open our doors to the community:

Saturdays from spring to fall, we host the Tamworth Farmers’ Market, New Hampshire’s largest farmers’ market! In addition to hosting farmers and cheesemakers and bakers and craftspeople of all stripes, our fellowship also sells Free Trade coffee and goodies and operates a substantial second-hand enterprise known as UUsed.

In early December, Tamworth folk light the Christmas tree out front and gathered around the fire to sing carols. Everyone then comes inside for goodies and more singing.

UUFES hosts concerts, talks, recitals, and movie showings, and is the home of the wildly successful Holiday Cookie Walk—people from all over the Mt. Washington Valley make an annual pilgrimage to UUFES and buy hundreds of pounds of home-made cookies

Every year but this past year, the community crowds into our sanctuary for our annual Celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.