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January 19
“Tapping into Power”
Are you a powerful person? How do you use your power? The power of our love and passions and feelings cannot be denied. We don’t always feel powerful—we can feel small and ineffectual, outpowered or up against. And even when we don’t see it in ourselves, others often do. When we’re in the flow, doing something that fully engages us, we might realize only after the fact the gift of power’s presence.

Carroll County Needs Our Help Wednesday, January 29 – ONE DAY ONLY
Volunteers Urgently Needed for Count of Homeless People
No Experience Needed

One day a year, the state does a “Point in Time” count of people without homes: people sleeping in the woods, campgrounds, and cars; staying with friends, couch-surfing, living in hotel rooms paid for by the town, etc. Volunteers all over Carroll County are needed for 24 hours on Wednesday, January 29 to be present in places homeless people are known to frequent.

This count will directly affect resources and funding for this county. Gail says that Carroll County has never participated meaningfully (e.g. only one person was reported last year!). This year there’s an all-out effort to get an accurate count.

Wanted: Teams of volunteers (teams of two are recommended) to be assigned to a location for 2 hours (or more): a 24-hr Dunkin Donuts or laundromat, MacDonald’s, hospital Emergency Rooms, a campground, etc. It is very helpful if you know of a specific local place—please indicate this when you call to volunteer. Coordinating this effort is Lisa Snowman, Homelessness Agent for Tri County Cap (Community Action Program): land (603) 323-8928; cell (603) 723-6625.

Again, this is a one-day initiative. Volunteers are needed especially in Tamworth, Ossippee, Moultonborough, the Sandwiches and Wolfeboro. A coordinator for UUFES would be very helpful for this social justice initiative. Please contact a Board member asap.