August 25
“Injustice Too Loud to Ignore”
The first recorded arrival of Africans in America was 400 years ago this Sunday.

A year ago we hosted Mindi Fullilove, founder of “400 Years of Inequality.” People of UUFES said, “Yes! We will pay attention to 1619 and do some work this year!” Our Board named one of its goals “to explore the many facets of inequality in order to effect change in ourselves and our communities.”

We’ve since touched on this huge, complicated topic many times. We will continue to do so, building momentum in the coming weeks. It is true that, intentionally and by chance, our intellects will always be learning, thinking about and analyzing the impact of slavery on so many aspects of American life. Just as important is to come to these truths from a place of heart and spirit. And so a service about 1619 that invites us to sit with feeling into this 400th anniversary of the start of it all.

Coming Sundays

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